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haiqa's Journal

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I am interested in Asian dramas and movies. Especially Japan dramas and Korean Movies.
I love Okada Junichi, Takuya Kimura and Cha Seung Won as an actor.

I never interested in any boy band except V6.
love to 6 of them in performance and concert.
Also love to see them acting silly in Gakkou e ikou! Max.

In the real world, actually I am an environmentalist with civil engineering background. I am working on environmental aspect to support government of Indonesia setting a policy development within environmental framework regarding climate change and global warming adaptation efforts.

But my blog is not about my work or anything related to environment and global warming. It's about my fandome to Japanese boy band called V6.
I've been in love to V6 since 2006.
Love their songs, love their performance and especially love their silliness in variety show called Gakkou e ikou!.

Since 2009 I learned how to subs video. I got influence from my best friend evrita who teach me the basic of subbing and hardsubbing. Then I learn from aegisub forum to explore more of this subbing technique. I don't have any computer language training nor education, so basically my knowledge of subbing code is very poor. I think I need to practice more. For your information, I can't speak Japanese so don't ask me to sub something that no one had translate it before.

Well, this blog is not my main blog. I used this blog to sharing and communicating with other V6's fan all over the world, therefore I used english as a language. I had another blog write in bahasa Indonesia. I usually write all of my thinking and experience on that blog.