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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

OMG... OMG.... OMG....

YES!! the Furukawa Yuki of Itakiss....
Furukawa Yuki of Irie Naoki.....
That Furukawa Yuki

And handshake with him too....

OMG... He is so nice, warm and handsome....

Yuki kun is come to Jakarta for J-series festival and he's just finish his lunch when I (me and my 2 other friends) met him.
Well, honestly we are waiting outside the restaurant for an hour before had a change to met him.
My friend asked him to take a picture then he is OFFERING "you guys wanna selfie?" OF COURSE....
then he took my friend's phone, took a selfie. Then took my phone and...... asdfghjkl!@#$%$^&*

I even tease my friend pandanganmata when they took a picture LOL

And he hates me for this... LOL...LOL... Sorry my friend.....

As if that is not enough, then we asked for group selfie, Yuki is a little hesitate but he said. "ok, one last time"

He asked "are you guys coming today?" We said "Yes" and he said "See you there, then"

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH...... OMG!!! He is so nice.... He's like a doll.... so pretty....

Then we come to the event, and saw Yuki kun and Kiritani Mirei as guests.
They are talking about J-drama and promote us to watch japanese drama. OF COURSE we already watch your drama.
I just realised that Kiritani Mirei is appear in Gunshi Kanbe too... She looks different in real. She is really pretty.

Credit photo : w_kassy She got best seat... and took a lot of pictures... Thanks wieny... I Love you!!

Yuki is always smiling at the event. everytime he is smiling all the girls are screaming... LOL!! what a crowd...

I am so very happy that I can met Yuki kun, handshake and take a selfie with him.
It's like the best birthday gift I ever had. Well, my birthday's 3 days ago... still, I consider it as my birthday gift.
THANK YOU GOD.... for this opportunity.

When I whatsapp my husband, send him my selfie with yuki and tell him that I am trembling hard.
My husband send his selfie and says "how about this picture? are you trembling when you see me??" LOL... LOL...LOL...
Of course honey!! I love you, always..... Mmmmuuuach XDD

V6 video Karaoke subbed

Hello... hisashiburi... long time no see.
It's been 4 months since my last blog. So long time...

I am trying to escape from my thesis...
And doing something refreshing.....
So, I am doing karaoke subbed of V6 new PVs.

Here there are...

[PV] 涙のアトが消える頃_001_7097

Namida no ato ga kieru koro

Sky's the Limit dance version_001_5130

Sky's the limit

I love both PV so much...
they are soo cool.. especially in Sky's the limit.
Make me realise, how much I miss them...

Feel free to download.
Don't forget to say thanks to mikalovesv6 who nicely translated all the lyrics.

And as usual, please don't re-upload on streaming site.

Thank you for your coperation.


When fangirls watching world cup

I am not a big fan of football. I don't have favorite football player, or club or team. And i mostly don't care. Well, I don't quite understand about the rule of the game, or strategic in football game. So for me football is how to kick a ball to a goal. That's all. :D If my husband watch a football game on television I'd rather read a manga or chatting online with my fangirl friends.

But since the whole world is into this world cup event, seems that everybody is talking about this. So, even though I don't want to, still I am drifting in this football euphoria. Or maybe because I get sick of the election programs that dominate most of our tv channels, I have no other choice than the world cup program.

And last sunday,when Japan national team played against Cote d'Ivorie, I take the time to watch the whole game. And I found out that Japan team is full of ikemen.... OMG... Where I've been?? They are more handsome than most of Johnny's idol LOL. Even some of them is suitable to be a kamen rider... This is amazing... I have to tell my fangirl friends.

So, I watched the game while chatting with my fangirl friends in whatsapp group. Talking about how handsome uchida, yoshida and captain Hasebe.... And of course Kagawa and Honda too.... LOL. We didn't pay attention on the game itself.

Suddenly, someone is talking about the other team who have a muscular body. And it turns out that the whole team have a prefect abs and sexy ass. What the....... And all of us is distracted by this facts... And start talking about their bodies... LOL *how cheap we are . What a slut, right?* and the rain at the field make the situation better for our eyes... Hahaha...

Then the game didn't matter anymore. Even though Japan team is lost, we still amused by "the game"


Christmas and 47 Ronin

Merry Christmas for my christian friends...
How was your x-mas vacation?? I hope you have a great holiday.


I was watch 47 Ronin at cinema recently
and got disappointed immediately after the first 10 minutes.

I know this is Hollywood movie, not a J-movie.  So, I already prepare for some changes and distortion.
But I didn't expect the movie would changes to the extent much so obscure the sense of Japan.
Eventhough I like the CG and all of the action scenes, but the story line is so shallow.

I love Chuushingura 1/47. It's about loyalty, courage and dignity
Love Kimura Takuya and Okada Junichi in that movie.
So, 47 ronin is only a cheesy love story, and all about the mighty KAI...
Sanada Hiroyuki and Kikuchi Rinko's big name are in vain
But it's just me...

3 Clips Subbed

After so long, finally I did karaoke subbed again.
It's been long time, and I almost forget every code and trick in karaoke subbed.
Thanks to rabyuu who remain me about this.... Thanks dear.

So, here are my works, 3 clips from 3 different concerts

1. From We are Coming Century Boys Live Tour 2009

Love the outfit, love the dance and love choreography
And I love when they do line dancing...

Forget it all
forget it all

Move your body

Romanji and english translation by capncosmo Thank you so much!!

2. Sexy Honey Bunny Live Tour 2011

Another manly line dancing....
And Okada is sooooo HOOOOTTT...


Kiss of the night last night

Romanji and English Translation : mikalovesv6 Thank you very much and much love for you

Because it's Okada's 33th Birthday,
So I make a special work to celebrate.

3. From Oh My Goodness Live Tour 2013

Flash Back - Okada Angle


Life goes on....

Romanji and Translation by mikalovesv6 Thank you once again

Happy birthday, dear Okada-kun
Keep funny, Keep shiny, Keep up the good work
Wish you all the best

Happy anniversary

Today is Nov 1st. It's V6's 18th anniversary.

Suddenly I don't feel like working. Skip the office, take a leave and stay home
So, I am busy fandom-ing

1. Change my phone's wallie

credit picture : V6 fans page in facebook and someone in tumblr *forget the source*

2. Chat with V6's Indonesia Community (V6yagerindo) all day

3. Digging pictures in tumblr and instagram

4. And watch Kamisen concert 2009.

I feel like celebrating !!!


Last saturday is the craziest day in my life....
Went to Singapore to watch Library Wars live action movie and then go back to Jakarta in the same day.....
Well, Singapore is only one and half hour from Jakarta. But still it's in other country....
I had to wake up at 4am, go to airport and pass immigration clearence twice in one day just to watch a movie??
Oh please.... that's too much! wakaka.....
But I do it anyway...... I never thought that my admiration to Okada is reach that level of craziness qeqeqe....
What can I say? I am that kind of crazy fangirl....

Thanks to pretty amarylliszai who help me booked the ticket and accompany me to watch the movie.
Too bad I forgot to take a picture of us together. But I managed to take her picture at the same spot as me.... qeqeqeq.

So, this is my first time watching Okada in theater. After long time admire his acting skill through DVD and television, watching in big screen left a different impression. His facial expression is clearly seen in big screen. Even pores in his face is so obvious hahaha. Okada looks soooo handsome and cool and cute at the same time *please ignore my madness*

I really enjoy the movie. It's a very funny movie.... although the duration is more than 2 hours but it doesn't seem that long. All the character is well cast. I love Kasahara too, Komaki, Tedzuka, Shibasaki, Genda and even the reporter.... Everyone was just as I imagined while reading the book, even better.

The audience at that cinema is so delightful. They're enjoying the movie too... laughing out loud, cheering and even clapping straight-out whenever our heroes complete the mission.... LOL.... What an interesting audience. I love it....

After the movie, I don't know what to do. I planned to go to orchard road for quick shopping, but suddenly I lost my shopping lust.
I enter Kinokuniya book store to seek some V6's goodies. No luck. Just a big poster of library wars posted on the wall.

Then, I decided to go see The Merlion statue at Marina Bay. Actually I don't have time for tourism since my flight is awaiting. But I managed to go there and take a picture. Just to prove that I've been here qeqeqeqe...

Well, It's a crazy day... I even can't sleep at the airplane because of the excitement... I really enjoy this adventure.
Thank you Zai....
Thanks for your hospitality....
I am having fun....
Next time I'll be staying a little longger so we can spend more time together.....

And please don't hesitate to contact me anytime you come to Jakarta....

I decided to put myself in agony by watching a drama that is still aired in Japan.  So that’s means that I have to suffer every week just to wait for the next episode. And here comes my long… long…  weekdays activity, and all I have to do is waiting for weekend to comes. Yes you’re right… I am watching Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo.


The story line is typically shojou manga’s story. An ordinary (stupid) girl, fall in love to a super student, tall-handsome-smart-rich boy. She wrote a love letter to the boy and got rejected at once without reading it. Then something happen and force her to moved to his house and live together under the same roof. What a poor girl…. She has to face the arrogant boy who reject her every day…

My first impression of this drama is not that strong, since there are many versions already been made. I watched the first version (Kashiwabara version, 1996) a loooong long time ago, and instantly fall in love with the gorgeous Takashi Kashiwabara as Irie Naoki. So I am not that into the new Irie Naoki. I fall in love directly to Miki Honoka who plays Aihara Kotoko. She catch my eyes with her adorable look, natural acting skill and comical facial expressions.


And then, when I watch episode 2, I got struck by Irie Naoki’s deep voice of “Gambatte” that then drag me to this fandom of pairing/shipper. Oh, and believe me I never been in the shipper fandom before. I don’t buy it… no matter how good is the chemistry between them. But this time is different…. Gosh!! I love watching Naoki’s facial expression toward Kotoko. I always try to read what was on his mind simply by observing his face, even though he’s trying to hide behind his poker face.  Expressive Kotoko and Poker face Naoki… What a good combi.


Then the story developed more and more interesting... more and more cute..... more and more adorable. The presence of Kin-chan with his unconditional love, bring Naoki’s feeling to another level. The one-sided love of Kotoko turns into “I-am-not-going-to-admit” love by Naoki’s. And I found it so cute and amusing to see how Naoki teasing Kotoko, got jealous and caring her deep inside his heart.

yuki jealous

Well, I didn’t watch the Taiwan and Korean version of this drama, but I think the “Love in Tokyo” version is the best manga adaptation I ever seen. I like the way that the producer and director keep the story as close as the manga. I like Furukawa Yuki interpretation as Irie Naoki, who is the nicest and softest Naoki’s compare to other version *even compare to the anime version* I like this Kotoko version, which is not too Naoki’s oriented… She has other things in her mind and her life. And I like this version of Kin-chan, who is more caring, more hard working and more qualified as a second man.

Basically, I am in love with all the cast of Itakiss..
I even fall in love with the lady director and the producer....
They had a good job to bring out such good and talented young actors.
I like the set location that they take around Tokyo area...
Shibuya, Meguro, Shinjuku, Odaiba.... Make me wanna go back to Tokyo....

Well, My next trip to japan will be the Itakiss's set location tours.... :DDD
My real world is very hectic these days...
I almost didn't have time just for my self.
And this is my way to escape from real life...
searching a little happiness from blushing Okada

I always love to see Okada and Tsuyoshi interaction.
Sometimes they look very intimate and close as a good friend.
and I love the way tsuyoshi teasing Okada....
and made him blushing... <3

Shin Domoto Kyoudai - 2013.04.14.H264.480p_001_32020 Shin Domoto Kyoudai - 2013.04.14.H264.480p_001_33837

Shin Domoto Kyoudai - 2013.04.14.H264.480p_001_34809

here is the link in MF : .001, .002
Softsub as requested MF

thank you mikalovesv6 for the translation

Please tell me if the link is broken.

And as usual, don't re-upload to streaming site
Comments are always love

New Addiction

I never thought that I would be fall in love again after all this time to a manga character.
Since Kyou – Tohru – Yuki  from Fruits Basket Manga, no other story/character  that caught my attention.
I thought, as I grow older, my affection to an imaginary figure is fading and switching to more “realistic” heroes. Such as actor or boy-band member :p.

Well, until just recently I found Toshokan sensou *and you all know, who is the one to blame XD*
This manga is so funny and entertaining. It’s got action, romance and comedy all at once.
I instantly fell in love with Dojo and Iku. Also to 3 other members of the task force and of course Shibasaki too.

And now I drown to this new addiction…. *sigh*
As if I have extra time in the real life, between my two jobs and night class for my master degree, and also my husband.

But how can I say no to these….

And this….
this Dojo kyokan is irresistible.
I just can’t stop reading the manga, watching the anime, and start trying to read the novel. *geeez*

And now I had high expectation on this

Please..please…please…. Eikura Nana-san, don’t ruin my imagination of Kasahara Iku….
Since I hate your acting in most of your drama, I like you as Mei-chan though.
So I am a little worry about this one…..